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I help people transform their idea for a screenplay into reality

Whether you need a lot of help or just a little, we’ll translate your creative vision to the page and get it ready to share with the world!

3 Ways I Can Help You:

Get a screenplay written for you. 

Have a great idea but not the time, energy, or desire to actually turn it into a screenplay? I’ll write it for you so that you’re free to do other things.

Get your screenplay written together.

Prefer to be involved in the screenwriting process but not sure where to start? I’ll partner with you as a cowriter, and we’ll bring the story to life.

Get a second set of eyes on your work-in-progress. 

Developing a screenplay already but in need of some fresh perspective? I’ll give notes and also can implement requested changes, big or small.

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Hello! I’m Michael Koehler.
I like to imagine us having this conversation in a rock climbing gym… Over a pint… After an especially competitive round of Overwatch… Or better yet, while walking out of a screening of Christopher Nolan’s latest film. My best professional relationships have sprung from shared experiences, common interests, and curiosity about each other’s lives. The magic’s not in soullessly trading business cards; for me, genuine connection is the spark that kindles a successful collaboration. That is where our story for the screen begins.

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"To make a great film you need three things -
the script, the script and the script." - Alfred Hitchcock

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Mike's passion, talent and work ethic brought no question to my mind that he would be the person I would want to collaborate with on my project. While I had a rough idea of where I wanted to go with this script, Mike was the one who built out the scenes and brought the characters to life through his relentless research (300+ pages of notes, on top of our script). Finally, he also took the baton for the last stretch of the race and hammered out the final screenplay to produce something that even surpassed my own expectations!

Cliff Hartono,
Founder of Set in Stone Gallery

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